South East Queensland Trapping | Possum Removal
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Possum Removal



Once your premise is infected by possums, it can be very annoying, noisy and can also ruin your sleep. South East Qld Trapping can take care of all your possum problems.


We confirm the presence of possums during our initial inspection visit. After inspection, we block all their entry points into the house. We will then cage trap the possums that remain within and relocate them outside.


We offer a warranty for our services; we perform our work efficiently to meet all of the demands required by our clients. Our possum removal methods are some of the most safe and environmentally friendly available.


Wildlife Permits are required to remove Possums:

Possums are protected and cannot be captured without a permit for removal.

South East Qld Trapping are licensed to relocate possums within SE Qld.

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