South East Queensland Trapping | Brush Turkeys
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Brush Turkeys

Brush Turkeys are now found all over SE Qld, with few natural predators, their numbers appear to be increasing. South East Queensland Trapping will do the removal ASAP to minimise the damage to your gardens.



The Australian brush turkey is fully protected in Queensland and is considered common. Maintaining the natural habitat and respect for the animal in urban areas is important if the brush-turkey is to continue to have a secure future in SE Queensland. In urban areas, the survival of the brush-turkey depends largely on the goodwill of householders. This goodwill can be ‘tested’ when Brush turkeys relocate all of your garden mulch from one side of the yard to the other.


Outside of nesting season bush turkeys can still cause problems. Usually the male brush turkey is removed when they are mounding, but if you have a female scrub turkey digging up all your plants, the female can also be trapped and removed.


Wildlife Permits are required to remove Brush Turkeys:

Brush turkeys are protected and cannot be captured without a permit for removal. They can only be removed before the eggs are laid in their nest, otherwise they cannot be relocated until the eggs hatch.

South East Queensland Trapping are licensed to relocate ‘nuisance’ brush turkeys to other more suited locations.

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