South East Queensland Trapping | Rodent Control
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Rodent Control

There’s nothing worse than be woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of little feet scurrying across the roof cavity or a rasping and gnawing noise coming from within your wall cavities. Rodents are well adapted to living in very close association with humans…. but that doesn’t mean that your family or business has to tolerate them.


Controlling rodents should be a priority for every household and commercial business because:


  • Rodents gnawing habits can cause considerable damage. Buildings, stored equipment and machinery are not immune to this sort of damage. Rodents will gnaw electrical cables potentially causing short-circuits and possibly electrical fires.
  • Rodents will eat and contaminate stored food and products.
  • Rodents play a significant role in transmitting diseases including salmonella and trichinosis. These diseases are transmitted in a number of ways including the urine and faeces of rodents.

Rodent Control Strategies


South East Queensland Trapping use two main methods for rodent control:


  1. Trapping – using traps to physically capture rodents (live capture and lethal control)
  2. Chemical Control – a combination of various techniques including baiting, gels and fumigants (when required).


Don’t tolerate rodents invading your home or business, contact South East Queensland Trapping for an effective long term solution

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